Review: HP V10 DDR4 RGB by BIWIN



HP isn't a brand that immediately comes to mind when it comes to memory modules. However, Biwin has been producing these products under the HP license for the HP V10 RGB series. The company offers DIYers two sets and four RAM or 16GB modules operating at 3200, 3600 and 4000 MHz. We received a 16GB X 2 3600MHz memory kit for this review.


One of the standout features of these modules is that they use Samsung's B-die DDR4 SDRAM chips. The HP V10 is available in 8GB (2x8GB) or 16GB (2x16GB) dual kits. These memory modules also support Intel's XMP 2.0 overclocking profile. Additionally, the HP V10 RGB RAM Kit comes with an RGB Backlight Cooling Heatsink.


To control the RGB backlight and synchronize with other PC components, you can use software such as ASUS Aura, Gigabyte RGB Fusion, MSI Mystic Light and Polychrome Sync ASRock. The module itself provides intense RGB lighting with eight independent lighting zones, 16 million colors and more than 10 lighting controls.


These modules offer thin-line aluminum heatsinks to ensure gamers get DDR4 gaming overclocked memory with superior quality and optimized performance. HP also backs these kits with a five-year limited warranty. The high-quality 10-layer PCB board ensures that the V10 can provide more stable signal transmission. 15µm gold-plated contacts improve oxidation resistance for increased stability and better data transfer.


If you're a big fan of RGB-based components, you'll love the new HP V10 DDR4 RGB because it's perfect for gaming setups and doesn't look too fancy. We ran the Memory Mark benchmarks on these modules and were impressed with the results. It has a total of 2891 points at 3600MHz.

Read and write speeds are also quite good, while latency is low. The amount of memory you need depends on your tasks and needs. Today, 8GB is the minimum requirement, which should suffice for most people's day-to-day computing needs, even casual gaming, graphic design, and even photo and video editing. The HP V10 DDR4 RGB 2X16GB kit will provide enough memory to support all your computing needs.

Source: gadgetvoize

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