HP Launches Its First DDR5 Memory Module in Both SODIMM & UDIMM Flavors

HP rolls out its DDR5 RAM lineups, falling into the X1 and X2. DDR5 takes a big leap forward by overhauling the DDR architecture to increase bandwidth. These two products are ready to infuse new life into your gaming computer.

Powered by preferred-quality ICs, HP X1 and X2 feature higher transfer speeds and support XMP 3.0 for one-click overclocking. The new next-gen DDR5 memory modules bring your smooth gaming experience as well as make your work life easier.
The new HP DDR5 modules share similar specifications. Both the UDIMM (Desktop) and SODIMM (Laptop) memory modules offer transfer speeds starting at 4800 MHz and an impressive operating voltage of 1.1V. In addition, both modules are rated with a timing of CL40.
Delivering a transfer speed starting at 4800 MHz, HP new X1 and X2 open up a new era for multitasking. They are ideal kits for those of us who live, work and play in a world that’s demanding we pay attention to more than one thing at a time. You can always trust these two modules to perform well in gaming, video editing, and other intensive tasks.
Featuring two independently addressable 32-bit subchannels, the HP X1 and X2 are designed to increase efficiency and lower the latencies of data accesses for the memory controller, bringing better user experience.
Both HP X1 and X2 are available in capacities of 16 GB and 32 GB, which helps you run games in full play. Larger storage space makes HP X1 and X2 a reliable partner in work and play.

On-die ECC (Error Correction Code) ensures better data integrity even while the DDR5 memory technology allows for faster speeds, higher frequencies, lower latency and larger capacities. Built with power management ICs, the HP DDR5 memory modules use 20% less power than DDR4 for longer battery life and lower running costs. They also work with the latest motherboard platforms from Intel and AMD.  
HP X1 FEATURES include: 
  1. Great performance starting at 4800MHz
  2. Capacity up to 32GB
  3. On-die Error Collection Code
  4. Less power consumption with PMIC
  5. 32-bit Subchannels
HP X2 FEATURES include: 
  1. Fast speeds start at 4800MHz
  2. Intel XMP 3.0 support 
  3. On-die Error Collection Code
  4. 32-bit Subchannels
  5. High-density single DRAM IC
Go for a DDR5 module with upgraded performance from DDR4? Want to dominate any battlefield? Try HP X1 and X2 right now! 
For more information, visit HP Storage website:
HP X1 DDR5 SODIMM: https://hp.biwintech.com/products/hpx1ddr5/ 
HP X2 DDR5 UDIMM: https://hp.biwintech.com/products/hpx2ddr5/

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