HP FX700 2 TB SSD Tweak Town Best Value Award

February 02/16/2024
The HP FX700 SSD, leveraging cutting-edge QLC technology from industry leaders BIWIN, Maxio Tech, and YMTC, has redefined expectations within the SSD arena. Surprisingly matching or even surpassing the performance of TLC NAND SSDs, the FX700 disrupts conventional wisdom about QLC's capabilities. This SSD has demonstrated minimal performance differences when compared to TLC alternatives, showcasing an almost non-existent drop-off in speed and efficiency. Such performance is not just on par but, in some instances, sets new benchmarks for DRAM-less SSDs, making the FX700 an exceptional example of how advanced QLC technology can rival the established norms of SSD performance. Its ability to deliver top-tier results, combined with a value-focused pricing strategy, has rightly earned it a "Best Value Award", solidifying its position as an outstanding choice for consumers prioritizing both performance and affordability.


  • Excellent Gaming Experience
  • Great User experience
  • PS5 compatible

For more information, please visit: HP FX700
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