HP FX700 SSD Review: Efficient and Affordable Gaming Storage Solution

December 12/21/2023
The HP FX700 SSD ushers in a new era of affordable, high-capacity solid-state drives in 2023. A quintessential choice for enhancing your gaming rig, the FX700 shines as an efficient, cool-running secondary storage solution. Its power efficiency and innovative cooling-- courtesy of HP's graphene thermal pad-- set it apart. The FX700's key strengths include its adequate performance for a QLC drive, remarkable power efficiency, and effective thermal management, making it a smart choice for gamers and professionals alike who seek additional storage without compromising on efficiency or cooling operation.


Outstanding Features:
  • Competent performance for QLC
  • Exceptional power efficiency
  • Effective Thermal Management with graphene pad

For more information, please visit: HP FX700
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