Great Value

August 08/24/2020
EX950 M.2 has the honor to won the Wccf (Where Consumers Come First) tech Great Value, a leading technology publication house which founded in 2004, and it's one of the most widely visited media platforms in the world (it is among the top 15 most commented websites, globally).
  • M. 2 2280, HP controller Offering with 8 flash memory channels that support PC 3. 1 x4 and NV Me 1. 3
  • Sequential read/write speeds up to 3, 500 Mbps/ 2, 900 Mbps, an industry top leading reliability (MTBF) 2M hours, and endurance (TBW) up to 1400 TBW
  • Higher order LDPC error Correction for high speed parallel decoding and real time error Correction to ensure data integrity and security
  • Works on all Windows PC, Full compatibility with host. Exe (HP software pre-installation environment). Ideal upgrade for HP PCs
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